General description

GLAThe GLA is designed to ensure the positioning of the nozzle plugs in the casting channel and thus very precisely regulate the flow of aluminium in the ingot moulds.


It is composed of the following electrical components:


ASM_Card1_HighAn ASM external electronic control board is used for controlling the step motor. It provides automatic management of the motor in case of an emergency stop.

The GLA has a travel of 48 mm, making it possible to regulate the flow of aluminium in the ingot moulds. A plug is mounted on the arm for opening or closing the advent of aluminium in the casting launder. The motor can be controlled by a stream of pulses or digital inputs (speed and direction).

Principe de fonctionnement






In conjunction with the GLS (GAP Level Sensor), the GLA ensures perfect regulation of the metal level in the ingot moulds.


Technical specifications

GLA technical description (pdf)

Technical description of the molten metal regulation system (pdf)