A small movie show you the casting start with DC and EMC molds. GLS U40 – Casting start with DC and EMC molds

The GLS sensor can be placed very easily on his support. No regulation or adjustment. A change of GLS is made in only 1 minute !

Calibration made each 8-12 month only! A short test with an aluminium plate at a specific distance can be made. If the value given from the GLS is always the same for this distance, you don’t need to make a calibration.

The GLS sensor is robustly developed, that mean this sensor is very appropriate for an environment of a casthouse.

The inductive head is not sensitive to other neighboring objects and fume contrary to a capacitive head and laser sensors type.

In case of short wave of metal, the sensor is not sensible because the head makes an average measure of the whole surface of the inductive head.