GAP Engineering was set up in October 2000 by Gilles Mabillard, Alfio Schillaci and Patrick Salvy. Both former employees of Alcan Aluminium Valais, workers Patrick Salvy and Gilles Mabillard have extensive experience in industrial automation in the fields of metallurgy and chemistry. The main customer in the early 2000s is ALCAN Aluminium Valais.

In 2003, the structure of the society changes from two to four active people working full-time. Alfio Schillaci is in charge of administration, prospection and commercial business.

The company’s activities expand, and GAP also becomes active in the fields of foundry and machine assembly. GAP is no longer limited to local customers; the company has projects in Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Mexico and Greece.

From 2005 to 2011, the volume of business is still increasing and the company grows in a constant and continuous manner.

In January 2011, Gap Engineering SA takes over the activities of Rihs Engineering AG.
Rihs Engineering AG is a mechanical engineering company with a great deal of experience in the foundry domain, particularly in constructing aluminium casting machines. All of Rihs’ activities were taken over by GAP in Sierre, under the responsibility of Julien Valloton.