GAP People and Activities

Global Aluminium Expo

We’are proud to sponsor and exhibit at the Global Aluminium Expo 2020.

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GAPCast is a flexible product

Over the past three years, our activities on aluminum casting machines have been extremely diverse across the globe. So, in broad terms, we have:

GAP has expanded in Chalais

In summer 2020, the whole team of GAP Engineering SA will move in a fully renovated offices inside a big hall. Their, the shapes and logic of our machines will aim a progress for a better futur.

Since February 2018, we are in possession of a hall of 700 m2 on the left bank of the Rhone. An area of 350 m2 is mainly used for mechanical tasks for the aluminum casting sector. It is here that we carry out the assembly of the molds, as well as the water and lubrication tests.


An achievement made of solidarity

2017 marks an important technological turning point for GAP Engineering. We have fully migrated our GAPCast to a Siemens TIA-Portal solution. With its significant benefits, we are now ready to tackle the challenges of modernization in the futur.

The new EMC casting machine from our customer AMAG Austria Metall AG is the first to benefit from this progress. Similar to the previous installation, we took the opportunity to enhance our skills in terms of robustness and mechanical safety .

Our entire team laid their hands to work during the development and the different phases of commissioning.

We offer a new variant of the GLS U40

The GAP Level Sensor U40 is available with an extended range of 40 mm.


See you at Nashville for the ALU USA

GAP Engineering will hold a stand at the ALU USA. It will take place in Nashville from 25 to 26 October.

We will introduce you to our products and the possibilities surrounding our various integration solutions for our flagship GAPCast.

Specialization in energy monitoring


With the help of the powerful Siemens software “Powermanager”, the energy consumption of a building can be visualized and optimized. Customers can evaluate energy measures and localize faults quickly. The software can be adapted to the customer’s needs and can be expanded with new devices at any time. Our reference projects were made at Nestlé, UBS, CHUV and others.


A little step on Rockwell, a great step for GAP

In 2016 Constellium Valais SA commissioned us to renovate an obsolete casting machine, which gave us the opportunity to migrate and enhance our standard, which is initially based on Siemens S7 combined with the Siemens WinCC supervisory system. This new machine runs with Allen Bradley controllers and drives from Rockwell Automation.


GSH – GAP Spout Heating

In casting machines, the spout through which the liquid metal arrives must first reach a certain temperature before production starts.

In collaboration with one of our suppliers, we have developed a complete automated system that evenly distributes heat to each spout.