Automated casting machines require complete automation of the various elements for control and monitoring, as well as a display system for driving the machine. The basic components of the GAPCast system are a PLC and a SCADA system (Siemens WinCC) installed on an industrial PC.

This Hardware and Software package allows the following functions to be performed:

  • Instrumentation and monitoring of the casting machine
  • Processing of casting recipes, using an editor
  • Archiving of protocols by casting and by day
  • On-line acquisition and visualisation of command signals
  • On- and off-line Acquisition and visualisation of data (analogue curves and digital signals)

Gap Level Sensor (GLS) – PDF

The solution to straightening out the filling of the moulds is to measure the level as soon as the metal enters the mould. This requires using a sensor that has a larger measuring range, specifically around 200 mm. The GLS is designed with an inductive sensor attached to a linear axis for vertical movement. As a result of this movement, by means of control electronics as well as the position measurement of the inductive head, the measuring range is increased to 200 mm.

Gap Level Actuator (GLA) – PDF

For casting machines with automatic level regulation, the metal level in the mould must be taken into account when introducing liquid metal. Depending on metal requirements, a plug regulates such introduction of liquid metal. In case of a problem and, more particularly, in the event of an emergency stop, even without electrical power, the plug must prevent the inflow of metal.

GAP Launder Measure (GLM)

For casting machines with automatic level regulation, it is essential to know the metal level in the casting channels. This information is necessary at certain points in the installation, such as:

GAP can offer a solution to measure the metal in launders. Different options are available.

Casting tooling – PDF

Our expertise in the area of casting machines enables us to provide you with a wide range of products. Do you have a specific need? Contact us, and we will make sure to find the right solution for your way forward.

  • Conventional ingot and billets moulds
  • EMC (electromagnetic casting) ingot and billets moulds
  • Bottom Blocks
  • Support bags with or without vibrator (Combo Bags and Skim Dam)
  • Lubrication system for conventional ingot moulds
  • Casting tables
  • Heating systems for pins and spouts
  • Metal distribution launders